A Circular walk South from Harting Down, West Sussex

Distance 10 Miles

There is a large car park above South Harting, on Harting Down, off the South Harting/Chichester road.
Follow the path south into the woods up from the car park. Continue down the path  until a path off left through a gate.
(photo:  Looking across Harting Down car park to the ruined tower)
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The path soon goes left at the end of the field to the right, and drops north down into the open valley below Round Down. (There is a fenced round pond area to the left.)
(photo:  Passing down the access road to Telegraph House)
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In the valley at Round Down, follow the track up the other side to join the South Downs Way that skirts around Beacon Hill.  Go right and continue on to reach a gate at Telegraph House.
(photo:  Heading down the track that leads up to Old Buriton Farm)
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Follow this tree-lined road to where it bends right, then join the footpath that continues south. Follow this path, becoming a wide track, to exit onto the narrow lane going down to The Royal Oak pub at Hooksway.
(photo:  Path through the field to Hooksway)
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Turn left and follow the road down for a short distance to the pub. Join the footpath opposite the pub, still heading south, for a couple of hundred yards to the fingerpost. Take the footpath off to the left into Phillis Wood, following it up and across a wide forest track.
(photo:  Cows under trees as we approach Yewtree Cottage)
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Continue down a track and over a stile into a paddock, across the right side and over another stile, then up into the open field, keeping to the right. Continue on the right of the field under the power lines, and join a footpath enclosed by hedgerows at the end of the field. The footpath eventually meets the access road to Broom Farm ..... left is private access.
(photo:  Heading up past the ruins of Monkton Priory)
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Go right, and then left on this lane until reaching Yewtree Cottage on the left.  Join the footpath going left at the fingerpost, (second access to Yewtree Cottage) which follows a wide track between fields to arrive at the ruins of Monkton Priory, down in a lush green valley.
(photo:  Looking east along the South Downs)
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Go up the footpath through the centre of the valley, through a gate, then up and left following the edge of the field to reach a stile. Cross the stile to reach a cross-road of paths, left going down to Hooksway.
(photo:  Clare and Helen almost on Beacon Hill)
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From The Royal Oak, follow the footpath used outward back to the track leading to the ruined Buriton Farm.  Go straight on (not to the Buriton Farm track) to reach the South Downs at at the foot of Pen Hill.
(photo:  Group photo on Beacon Hill - (L to R) Helen, Clare and me)
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Go left, continue over Pen Hill into the dip then up another steep section to Beacon Hill. (The route of the South Downs Way skirts left, south, of Beacon Hill)
 (photo:  Leaving Beacon Hill down to Harting Down)
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Go down the steep western side of Beacon Hill, then up the other side onto Harting Down. Follow the path, now back on the South Downs Way, to the car park above South Harting and the end of the walk.
(photo:  A view back to Beacon Hill and east along the Downs)
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(photo:  Hang glider just launched from Harting Down) 200805p.jpg (34656 bytes)

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