How Much Does Leak Repair Cost?

Damaged and burst water pipes in your home can cause a whole lot of damage, and be costly. To avoid a large amount of damage and cost, it’s essential that you deal with a leak at the first sign of a problem.

You’ll know you have a burst pipe or leak if you see damp spots on the floors or ceilings or if you’ve lost water or boiler pressure. In the worst-case scenario, a main water line burst will be immediately obvious as it will result in large amounts of water pouring out and flooding your home.

Leak Repair Costs

Whether a water pipe has burst inside your home to cause flooding or you have a leaking pipe under the sink, here’s a guide that lays out how much a leak costs to fix.

The cost to repair a leak depends on several factors like the size and scope of the problem. Leak repair costs also depend on the level of damage and the extent of the required repairs.

Your location will also affect how much it costs to have a leak fixed. Another factor that determines leak repair cost is how easy it is to access the area that needs repair.

Even the time you call a plumber affects how much you’ll pay in leak repair costs. For instance, weekends, bank holidays, and evening call-out charges typically cost more.

On average, plumbers ask anywhere from £40 to £60 per hour or £320 to £375 per day. If you need an emergency plumber for weekend, holiday, or evening leak repair, you can expect to pay twice those amounts.

If the leaking pipe is located underground instead of within your walls or under flooring, it will take your plumber longer to fix the problem. Accessing an underground water pipe leak takes extra time and effort, which means your repair costs will be higher than normal.

Keep Leak Repair Costs to a Minimum

If the idea of paying a few hundred pounds or even a few thousand pounds in leak repair costs isn’t appealing to you, here is some advice that will help.

Whenever you detect a small plumbing problem, attend to it before it becomes a big problem. For example, if you notice rust building up on pipework, replace the rusted pipe with a new pipe before the pipe can leak or burst.

Never bury your head in the sand when it comes to your plumbing. Take the time every couple of months to inspect your plumbing. Keep an eye out for signs of leaks like water stains, rusted pipes, mildew, and mould. If you do detect a leak, have a plumber come and repair it before it becomes a more serious and costly leak to fix.

Use a Trusted Plumber

It’s important to use a trustworthy plumber with lots of experience. If you don’t know a plumber, ask acquaintances to recommend a plumber near you. Once you’ve picked a plumber to use, keep their phone number handy so you can quickly give them a call if you need leak repair services.